Our Publications

Whilst there would appear to be a number of fundamental issues to address in relation to bringing the right volume and mix of housing forward in communities, it does appear from early evidence that a move to a more collaborative planning process can support an increase in the number and rate of houses being built.

Short podcast covering what an NDO is, the process through which an NDO is prepared and the benefits of using an NDO. It also addresses the differences between NDOs and CRtBOs, stakeholders involved in the process, and the support available for groups preparing an NDO.

A simple guide offers an introduction to acquiring a community asset – a building or a piece of land – as the first major step towards creating the community you want to live in.



pdficon-60pxA three-page view of how practically a Neighbourhood Development Order can sit within a Neighbourhood Development Plan, and the opportunity this may present in bringing forward the development communities want to see more rapidly.
pdficon-60pxA short three-page appetiser looking at what a community business is and offering a top ten tips of things to consider if you are thinking about setting one up.

Our Workshops

As well as delivering workshops and briefings at other events we offer workshops and training tailored to you need. Popular sessions include:

  • Leading and managing community-led development

  • Collaboration for neighbourhood planning and community-led development

  • Making the most of your assets

Pease ask if you are interested, we are always happy to talk.