Strategic Planning

Strategic planning work with Triformis will help you to anticipate, plan and create the future for your organisation or project. As a process it can help you to stimulate creative thinking about the future.

An important benefit of the strategic planning processes is team building nurtured by an inclusive process (organisations with successful plans recruit support and access funding from a variety of sources).

Strategic planning also helps to:

  • Stimulate ingenuity and new approaches

  • Increase everyone’s investment in the organisation

  • Develop a common vision

  • Clarify values and beliefs

  • Anticipate opportunities and obstacles

  • Provide a framework for day to day decisions

  • Create an outline for marketing and fundraising

Business Planning

We believe that developing a business case is the way to show
people with passion how to get something done.

It helps you harness your team’s passion and gather the resources together to have an impact!….

Business Planning