Neighbourhood and Community-led Planning

We help communities with a range of participative planning processes. This is a key way to link your local community needs to strategic development. This includes preparing for and running neighbourhood planning processes.

Triformis has a working understanding of the current context of Localism including supporting Parish Councils and Neighbourhood Forums to develop their neighbourhood plans. From how do you do it, to how to implement your plans.

Early on in your process, we can run sessions for groups on understanding the routes to planning – from conventional applications to Neighbourhood Development Orders and Community Right to Bid, Buy and Build processes.

For those with aspirations to build or develop their own housing, community facilities or employment space we can help support your planning or processes. This includes considering community design, what to build and for whom, needing support with legal structures, finance and business planning, marketing and wider community involvement, working with local authorities, which development and procurement options to consider.

We also provide support to broker relationships with developers and land owners to enable communities to get built the things they want to see get built.