Community Engagement

The meaningful involvement and engagement of local people is critical to the success of organisations and their projects. Establishing non-threatening, non-politicised means by which to involve people is key, as are choosing fun activities, right time, place, refreshments and childcare.

Truly listening and finding ways to ensure that all views are heard is also key. It is critical to providing feedback and reflection to support the designing engagement and consultation processes.

From principles to process and always with practical support we enable groups and organisations to develop a plan to enable dialogue around common visions and achievable goals to deliver joint results with the community.

Brokerage and Facilitation

Bringing people together to find the common ground without adding to or taking away from their discussions is a key to all the work that Triformis does.

Facilitation empowers people and leads to learning and greater clarity of purpose. Linked to facilitation is brokerage (finding the common ground between organisations).

Brokerage and Facilitation