Our People

Triformis draws on the experience, skills and knowledge of Dave Chapman and mirrors the way it provides support by working collaboratively with other individuals and organisations.

Dave Chapman

After gaining a degree in Mining Engineering he worked in the construction and demolition sectors before moving on to work within a range of health care settings including mental health and physiotherapy units for ten years. Following a period working in regeneration and economic development, Dave moved in to the voluntary sector where he led the development and establishment of a community based organisation over a four year period. During this period he initiated and supported the development of a range of activities designed to engage local people in local plan making processes.

This work really fired his interest in land and asset based acquisition and community led development, and led to work with bassac and then Locality. Whilst with Locality, Dave was involved in managing and delivering a number of programmes of support for community based organisations, including Neighbourhood Planning and Community Right to Build.

Dave now fully pursues his passion for supporting development led by and through community through Triformis. He is an experienced practitioner and supporter of community enterprises with specific skills in community led development, brokerage and negotiation around and property deals, strategic planning, business planning and organisational development as well as programme and project management.


Triformis often collaborates and works with others to deliver support. The key to success is establishing the right team for the support offered. Sometimes this means Triformis leads the support, on other occasions others lead and draw upon the expertise within Triformis. Not being precious about who leads and wanting to create the common ground are the two things that Triformis hold dear when deciding to work with others.